Frequently Asked Questions

What if my question is not answered here?

Should you need any other assistance regarding maintenance packs simply call us on the number above or speak to our maintenance team on 01254 244 244.

What if I want to cancel?

In case you decide to cancel your Maintenance Packs agreement, we provide a 14 day cooling off period. Provided you have not submitted a claim on the policy, then you are fully entitled to receive a refund in full of the premium paid subject to our admin fee of £50 + VAT set out in our terms and conditions. Moreover, customers who choose to terminate early their packs after the minimum period, usually incur a charge for doing so.

What happens if I exceed my mileage?

In the event you are exceeding your requested mileage we will manage this with you. If the excess is less than 10% of your contract we will monitor the situation and inform you by email. This will result in a charge at the end of the contract to cover our increased costs. If you are exceeding your contract by more than 10%, we will re-work your monthly payment to cover the excess very much in the same way a utility company would adjust your monthly gas or electric but again we will inform you by email before any changes are made.

Can I continue to use my local garage?

Yes, we are pleased to confirm that you are free to use your own repairer if you prefer to do so, provided they are approved repairers.

What happens when I need a service?

Just book online here or call us on 01254 244 244 and we'll immediately put you in touch with our maintenance team directly who will help you book your car in at the most convenient time.

Do I have to pay for repairs and recover the costs?

We use a network of independent garages across the UK. Each garage is monitored closely and extensive customer surveys are carried out continuously to ensure they are providing service in accordance with the required standards. Once the repairer has the car, they will contact us for authority, complete the work and invoice us.

Does the Pack apply in Europe?

Absolutely. Your Handbook and card details the lines that you ring if travelling in Europe and a problem arises. You will be put through to English speaking staff who will organise assistance. It is possible that the garage or rescue team that attend your incident might ask you to pay for a repair. This is because the continental garage or rescue operator may not have the means of reclaiming funds from us for repairs covered under your maintenance pack. If that should prove the case simply keep the receipts and claim back when you return, ideally letting the authorisation centre know from abroad that work is being carried out.

Will the roadside assistance attend whatever the circumstances?

We offer 24-hour road assistance, 365 days a year with up to one hour's labour.

What if I breakdown at home?

All the comprehensive benefits of roadside assistance but with the additional reassurance of being covered at home or within one quarter of a mile of your home address.

What if the car develops a problem?

Just ring us and we will send our professionals to inspect your car and diagnose the problem.

What if my car gets written off or stolen?

Simply, the remaining value of your plan should be claimed using the uninsured loss protection.

Who are your recovery agents?

Our main recovery agent is the RAC.

What if I get a puncture?

We will arrange to have your tyre repaired or replaced depending on the damage. We would not expect to charge you for this unless there are extending circumstances such as vandalism, theft and repeated damage.

What if I want to extend my contract?

You would need to make contact with us for a quote. We do however have a maximum of four years and 120,000 miles.

What happens if my car goes off the road and I need a replacement vehicle?

Whilst our cover does not cover you for a free replacement vehicle, we will be more than happy to book this on your behalf. We will require you to cover this cost over the phone by card and indemnify us from any damage costs.

What happens if I miss a service?

It is your responsibility to make sure that your car is serviced within the manufacturers guidelines. If you let this lapse and we cannot make a manufacturer or dealer warranty claim due to it, we will recharge the warranty element of any work to you.